This Blog site is strictly for those that have entered into their walk with Christ but, realized that the walk wasn’t as easy as everyone said it would be. Every post will be geared towards a struggle that struggling Christians deal with on a daily or common basis but, in the end will show that no matter the struggle, the journey is still worth it. Everything is in honesty and raw unfiltered truth. It is the truth that will help you while on this journey when others try to cover the truth up to make you stay. If you are going to worship God, you must worship him in spirit and in truth(John 4:24). Therefore is important that you get a blog that helps you to deal with your truths and see others have been through it, or may be going through it and still have found the journey to be rewarding. I pray that this blog is not just a blog to read and feel like its a new controversy, or sipping tea. I pray that this blog helps you to stay the course even better than you did before. Be Blessed!!

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